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Welcome to Humphries Auto Service, Car Repair in Waterloo

Since 1984 Humphries Auto Service has been providing quality service and repair to North America and imported cars and light trucks. Starting out as a one bay garage Humphries Auto Service has expanded to a five bay garage. We specialize in domestic and imported vehicles, here are just some of the most common maintenance and repair work done here.


Car Repair Services

Time to inspect your vehicle’s brakes with Humphries Auto Service! Our professionals highly appreciated for their technical skill knows the functionality of major and minor parts of a brake system. Rely on our industry experts for their outstanding performance on brake repair of domestic and imported vehicles. Enhance the overall appearance and performance of your cars and light trucks with Humphries Auto Service. Trust us!

  • The cost of a motorbike inspection is 1 times the shop's hourly labor rate, plus GST. Inspections are PST exempt. The inspection does not comprise repairs to the vehicle.
  • The charge of a light vehicle inspection is 1.5 hours times the shop's hourly labor rate, plus GST. Inspections are PST exempt. The inspection does not include repairs to the automobile.


Car Repair Services

Choose us for keeping your vehicle fuel efficient. We have experienced professionals to take care of alignment of your cars and light trucks. Tire pressure inspection and testing of the annoying noises and braking issues are also our area of concern. Our industry professionals are efficient enough to prevent your expenses spent on unexpected mechanical breakdown. Rely on our technicians to make your vehicle lasts longer!

  • On Car Match Machining
  • Parking Brake Overhaul or Repair
  • Power Boosters
  • Testing and Inspection of Pulls, Noises, Fading or other Braking Problems
  • Wheel Cylinder and Caliper Replacement

Engine Repair

Car Repair Services

Humphries Auto Service can be your reliable source for getting quality yet affordable engine repair services. Engine diagnosis is our first step towards smooth running of a vehicle. You can join hands with this proficient auto service company for getting exact repair recommendation at right price. Count on us for extending the lifespan of domestic and imported vehicles of any brand!


Car Repair Services

Keep the tires of your vehicle in good working condition with us. At Humphries Auto Service, we are here to help you with all your required tire repair and maintenance services. Our experts have years of experience in repairing tires of cars of domestic brands. We have experienced industry professionals to treat imported cars in an efficient manner with right tire repair tools.

Cooling Systems Service and Repair

Car Repair Services

We start the process of repairing the cooling system of a vehicle with proper inspection. With smooth operation, we have gained the trust of vehicle owners of North America and surrounding areas. Get recommendation on repair and replacement of a vehicle’s cooling system with our experienced technicians. With the support of certified technicians, we can help domestic and imported vehicle owners with quality cooling system repair solutions.

  • Depending on driving conditions, occurrence, and automobile make, style and year
  • Every 30,000 miles till 75,000
  • After 75,000 miles, take your vehicle in yearly
  • Seasonally for A/C and heater maintenance
  • Bi-annually to scrutinize and rotate tires
  • Oil and fluid changes necessitate to be done every 3,000-5,000 miles


Car Repair Services

Allow us to give your car and light truck ultimate protection. Enjoy safe and smooth ride with us by getting your required suspension repair services. We are here to give the frame of your vehicle protection from rough roads, cracks and bumps. At Humphries Auto Service, we strive for excellence with proper inspection and operation of the suspension of your vehicle. Count on us!

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Car Repair Services

Choose us for betterment of a car of domestic brand. You can also rely on our industry experts to get eco-friendly solutions for excellent functionality of an imported vehicle. With our exhaust repair services, you can improve the emission system of your vehicle. We are here to make your cars and light trucks free from annoying noises. Trust our experts for getting quality yet affordable exhaust repair solutions.

  • Hoses and belts for indicators of holes or cracks
  • Liquid level and condition
  • Signs of worsening and corrosion
  • Deposit or fluids that could show signs of damages or trickles
  • Whether all machineries, fans, and the thermostat are running properly

Electronics Repair

Car Repair Services

At Humphries Auto Service, we are here to make your driving experience safe and smooth. We have skilled and qualified technical experts to repair electronic system of your vehicle. Our industry professionals are efficient and knowledgeable enough to give proper care to this major part of even an imported car. Stop by this reliable auto repair shop for getting an expert’s guidance and assistance.


Car Repair Services

Expand your vehicle’s lifespan with Humphries Auto Service. You can rely on us for our experience in treating domestic and imported vehicles. We are here to inspect the need for oil change of your vehicle. Providing oil filtration services is also our area of concern. With the assistance and help of best industry experts, we can fulfill your needs for auto repair and maintenance. Join us now!